Retouching via

Lookentwicklung und Bildgestaltung
Kreatives Retouching, Composing und Farbkorrektur
Inszenierung von Produktabbildungen
Haut- und Beautyretusche für Portrait, Mode und Careprodukte
Raw-Entwicklung in Adobe Lightroom und Camera Raw
CMYK Farbkonvertierung mit ICC Device Link Profilen (Colormanagement)


Beauty Digital is a boutique retouching house that caters to the advertising and editorial photography industries.
Through colour retouching techniques and compositing we can assist with editing as well as create a new mood for the images.

Image Correction

Beauty Digital corrects color hue and brightness imbalances as well as other image editing features, such as red eye removal, sharpness adjustments, zoom features and automatic cropping. Additionally, some automatic editing features offer a combination of editing actions with little or no user interaction.

Digital Photo Enhancement

Have your photos touched-up like the models in magazines!

Your portfolio will drive the success of your career. Retouched photos are proven to generate superior casting opportunities. All published photos and the best professional model portfolios are retouched/airbrushed. Therefore, in order to portray the same polished, professional image that these models do–and to get the supermodel castings they get–it is strongly recommended that you invest in our quality retouching services.

Our photo retouching experts use the same programs that advertising agencies use to retouch your photos like they do in magazines. If you provide us with a high-resolution/high-quality scan we will retouch the digital photo and send it back (enhanced photos are the same or better resolution as the original image). You can then have the digital image printed on photographic paper to look like an original photograph.